Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walking the Talk

One thing I've found about living this whole "green" lifestyle is its hard to "walk the talk." Its so easy to read all the information you can and then rewrite it out here in a format like a blog, but its not as easy to apply it to our lives.

Somethings are incredibly easy to do and I wish the rest of the US would jump on board and do all the easy things, but what I've found is I need to continue my "mission" and walk the talk.

The other day instead of driving the 3.5 miles to my bible study I rode my bike. Did I like it and enjoy the beautiful things God created for me all around? Ummm... no. Going back up a brutal hill on the way home nearly pushed me over the edge and I hated every minute of it. BUT I biked over 7 miles in the end and I wouldn't have been able to say I could even do that 2 years ago.

The whole not driving my car thing is the hardest. I'll admit I'm a slave to my car and I enjoy having it around. However, when I do drive very short distances that I could have walked or biked I start to feel that twinge of guilt about it. No I don't beat myself up about all the CO2 I put into the air, but I do think about how others around the World and in the US don't have the luxury of a vehicle or maybe even money for gas. Lets not forget that my health and weight will greatly benefit if I was riding my bike more often then not. We did a lot of biking last summer and I really did enjoy those times with my family. There is a freedom when using a bike that a car does not have.

When I was pushing my bike up the hill that Sunday I got to thinking. Riding my bike shows I'm putting my talk into reality. Which is what I need to do more when it comes to God and my beliefs. I have got a little lax in a few areas of my life and I need to cut it out and apply all I know back to my "walk." Literally even! ;) Its not just about saving a few minutes of CO2 that I pump into the air on a daily basis from my car---its so much more to that. Just like my walk with Christ. My walk with Him is More about living a lifestyle then perfection. I would never want my Green Lifestyle to come off as more important then my Walk with Him. I hope that people know I do this for Him not for some sort of recognition or fame. I don't need accolades for trying all these new things because I should be trying to break old things with my Walk.

Sorry for the deep post. Huffing and Puffing up a very steep hill makes for a lot of deep thinking I suppose! I don't know if I'll make it on the bike this Sunday for bible study. I'll certainly try and I can't wait for this weather to stop being so spotty!

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