Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Obviously recycling is a HUGE everyday issue with this whole "green" movement.  If you don't recycle, most would say you are not very Green.
Now I am one of those people who in my home go out of my way to recycle things.  For example, I store up nearly every plastic container that is #5 to one day be mailed to a company that can recycle them into things like kitchenware's and toothbrushes.  Currently where I live there not everything can be recycled like it can in Seattle.  Those in Seattle can pretty much recycle everything and I'm just a smidge jealous.
My Pastor told me the other day he wants me to spearhead a campaign a program to start recycling at our Farmers Market.  We have a fairly large Farmers Market that is held every Saturday and expands to Sunday's during the Summer months.  I had never paid much attention to if there was a recycling bin available at the Market when I go (you'd think I'd notice these thing!).
He's all gunho for the church paying for recycling bins around the park and supporting the Farmers Market by making recycling possible.  Which of course fires me up and I feel honored to have even been thought of for the "job."  Now of course there is a lot of logistics and making sure the City is ok with things and the Farmers Market Association (yes there's even an association), but in the long run its a great idea and more then appropriate for a Market.  Recycling should be a no brainer for something like that!
I have decided if we can't set up recycling bins around the trash bins then maybe I'll get a mobile recycling bin and pull it around the Market and just flat out ask people to recycle.  Its easy enough!  I don't mind looking like the janitor ... only thing is where to put all the recycling if we get a lot!  I don't think all the Market's recycling will fit in my recycling bin at home!  Maybe they'll let me have 2 recycling bins!  Well...probably not.  I can dream though.
But first up on my list before I recycle the market is to get my church to start recycling.  'Nuff said right there!  Gotta put your talk into action before trying to implement something like recycling at a Farmers Market on a much smaller scale! I'll let you know how the recycling program at our church and the Farmers Market goes.


robinsan said...

Hi there, I'm looking at ways to get my church to recycle and ran across your blog entry. How are your efforts going? Which church do you go to? How about the Farmer's Market recycling - I was there recently but don't recall recycle bins. Have you run across anywhere to get (inside) commercial receptacles for plastic bottles and/or cans) at a good price?

MKD said...

Hello FCC Prayer Chapel blogger!
Thank you for your question...I feel pretty guilty to say that so far my efforts have been futile and weak at best. (more blog post on that later)
So far as far as I have gotten has been to email the City and the Main St Associations (who runs the Market). I haven't heard back yet, but I haven't exactly contacted them in a timely fashion. (ie. I just emailed them today sort of thing! Oh the guilt)

As for my church getting a recycling program going, its going to be easier now that school is out (we are held @ WildWood elementary) and set up and tear down isn't an issue anymore.
I emailed & have chatted with the Pastor about what to do, but he's sort of one of those guys who would rather you just do it then having him make the decision. I think what I should do is just bring in some of those blue recycle bins myself and recycle what little we can. Then I'll bring it home myself. Should be a start anyway! ;)
Thank you for reminding me of something that I literally think about everytime I go to the Market. While I haven't been as progressive as I sounded in this post its good to be reminded of what I committed to do. Hopefully I'll have more to report soon then nothing.