Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Ladies & Garden

My lady chickens are loving their little Omlet house and love to free range all over the yard, but no eggs yet. Hopefully by Aug or maybe even July we'll see something!
The last batch of eggs I bought at the grocery store I wondered if I would have to buy any again after those. Its sort of a weird feeling to think about not buying things at the store. I almost feel like I'm doing something wrong, but at the same time its so liberating!
Have a garden is almost the same way except in the winter I do'nt know how to grow anything yet. Might try my hand at it this year. We ahve things growing this year I had NO idea we even planted. We have Zucchinni's and a giant sunflower that I vaguely remember planting, but it took and is taking off big time. My broccoli is growing pretty well too.

I'll post pictures soon on my garden so you can see its progress today. I'd like to keep planting more, but I'm also quickly running out of places to plant in our little raised bed. Time to make another one! Yay!
Sometimes I shake my head at what I have been able to accomplish growing things. I would have never imagained that I would do this one day. Its all very good and very eye opening at the same time. I wouldn't consider myself a master planter by any means, but its a start and one less thing I have to pick up at the store.
More later. Sorry for the lame update!!

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