Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1- yr Anniversary of No Meat

It will have been nearly 1 yr next month that I offically stopped eating read meat and Pork. I had done that on and off for years before this, but I never took a WHOLE entire year and completely avoided the stuff.
Now I wouldn't have ever actually ate the picture on the left here, but it just goes to show how much meat is engrained in our society here in the US.
Let me tell you it is HARD to find non-red meat/pork options. Swine flu didn't scare me, but man it really showed how much meat is in our food chain. Only time I ever came up to a bad meat situation was actually about a month back. I had ordered Minestrone soup thinking it would be like ALL other Minestrone soups with veggies, pasta & beans. But no. This soup for some strange reason had Bacon in it. Ick. I ate maybe 2 bites before I figured it out and then I just sort of picked at it. I just couldn't break my promise to myself that I wouldn't eat those piggies.
I still miss pepperoni pizza. Its the one thing I absolutely struggle with. But I have overcome. I do still eat chicken and fish still. I have found it must be really really hard to be a complete vegetarian because going out to eat there are literally no veggie options. Sad considering our societies health would benefit from eating from fruits & veggies for sure. This is why making your own lunch is such a great thing! And sometimes its the only option.
So I've made it a year and I'm still cutting back on a lot of the foods I eat. Next up is trying to eliminate Corn Syrup from my diet. I have been reading so many labels lately and we are actively trying to avoid it, but this one is much harder then not eating meat. I think it would be easier to be a Vegan then remove corn syrup. Thanks Ya'all!


Rachel Ann said...

Has it really been a year? WOW!!! Congrats on sticking to what you decided...good for you!

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