Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sabbath Day

I haven't always given much thought to the Sabbath Day and that is sad because I know my God wants me to have a day to just rest. I have gotten better at taking time to slow down, but I will confess to not taking much time for God and for my mind.
Because I've always gone to the types of churches where its just
"GO GO GO!!" I don't have a lot of teaching on the Sabbath, but
I got to thinking about how important it could be if we all did it.
In Serve God Save the Planet Dr. Sleeth does talk about how he takes a day of rest and his family observes it as well. He even takes it further to point out that if we in America DID take a day of rest what it would do to impact or environment.
Imaging taking 100s if not millions of cars off the road or stores being closed for just awhile and how much energy that would save! Or if we were really extreme and on the Sabbath we truly didn't work and we didn't cook meals in the oven or the microwave, no TV is watched, no mowing of the lawn, no energy really be put out for vacuuming or laundry. It would be huge.
And if you thought about it, even if we didn't all take the same day off, but took off just one day -- any day-- to be our Sabbath even that would make a huge impact.
I think ti would benefit our well beings and our relationship with God. We would truly be showing God we want to learn from him thru his Word or just showing God we have obedience to take some time out of our busy lives to just do nothing.
What is doing nothing??
Well, its simply that.
Imagine getting up in the morning after you got to sleep in and no alarm clock to jar you awake.
Imagine sitting outside maybe in a hammock or on the lawn just staring off into space or reading a book for hours if possible. Maybe taking a nap later in the afternoon, this time outside to feel the breeze.
Imagine just making a simple lunch of already prepared items like fruit, veggies, cheeses and bread. Something simple that requires nothing more then putting it in your mouth.
Maybe you sit outside and listen to your iPod belting out the Worship tunes.
Whatever it is that doesn't expend a ton of energy on your part is resting. I think some of us couldn't even do that. We couldn't even slow down if we wanted too. Our Adult ADD forces us from taking time to slow it down and just do nothing. I will confess to running around like a crazy person on weekends to get chores done or run errands. I think I could put off that Costco trip for at least one day don't you think?
Maybe you can't do ti weekly, but what if you tried to do the Sabbath at least monthly? Or when you are vacation devote a day of doing nothing. I suspect that those days might be the ones your kids remember the most because you are actually playing WITH them, not along side of them.
Give it a try and let me know how it feels! :)
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The Young Family said...

Good post. Emily

ajsheree said...

I enjoyed this post. I am Seventh-day Adventist and live in Puyallup too and I observe the Sabbath every Saturday and it really is a relaxing and worshipful day for me and my husband and kids. We go to church usually, but sometimes we just stay home and spend the day together as a family with no running of errands or tv watching or doing chores. Or we'll go hiking out in nature or to a park. Or we'll just lay around and read our Bibles, take needed naps, etc. It is my favorite day of the week and I always look forward to it. We try to prepare for Sabbath on Friday by having the house all clean so we're not worrying about that on Sabbath.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. :)