Friday, July 17, 2009

More Pics of the Green!

Here is my latest picture snapping I have taken recently of our greenness
Little Raspberry bush that could! Getting there!
Lettuce gone wild. Note to readers: do not let your lettuce get so huge. Its A LOT of greens to eat.
Oregon Snap peas. Hubby loves the and eats them off the vine. Sorry the pic is sideways.
Zucchini! They just one day grew and now they are growing like crazy! Got a good zucchini recipe I'll take it. I will have enough to try many recipes.
Broccoli! It grows VERY big. I had no idea. Gardening for us is learn as it grows. I have already started freezing it because we have so much. This is one of 3 bushes we have overtaking my garden right now. Time to trim them back. Its pretty awesome really.
My backyard with the picture of greenness. Hanging laundry, chicken grazing in the middle, garden growing and grass dying. Ahhhh its the life....!


Brianna said...

Yum!! Looks amazing! Love that even your sheets are green!

littlehappyone said...

Most food banks will take home grown foods and bless their clients with it. Might want to check into Puyallup on that, I know we are blessed when we get it in to our food bank. If you have an abundance, you can bless others with fresh fruits/veggies! I know you love blessing people and this is another way you can....

ajsheree said...

Love that last picture. I was just checking out your blog again looking for pictures of your chicken coop because my husband is going to build one and we're going to get some chickens. He's pretty excited about it. Plus, I love your garden and your clothes line thing...we live in Puyallup on South Hill and do cloth diapers and I've been looking for a clothes line to hang diapers out to dry. :)