Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Riding my Bike To Work

Ok so I have been biking to work on and off for the past 2 weeks. It has been an experience thats for sure!
I believe I ride about 6.2 miles (according to Google) going down to work and about 5 miles coming home. Its shorter coming home because we have a HUGE hill that is like a death trap that I would need to go back up to get home. There is little shoulder on this hill and people basically drive about 80 mph to get up it. So I call my husband at the bottom of the hill to come get me. I know, I know, that isn't really biking ALL the way to work, but I don't want to die yet so I'm sticking with the calling for now.
It hasn't been easy I'm not going to lie. I wish I could say I was so moved to ride my bike everywhere which in a lot of ways I do, but its the going home part that is hard. I'm just beat after work and I have a desk job! I will say however that I do feel more energy going into work after biking in. After work not so much, but I enjoy my time alone on the road just me and my bike. I don't have the best bike in the world so that might be part of the problem, but I at least have a bike and I like to use it so its good enough for me.
Riding into work has gathered a lot of interest from my co-workers though. They really seem genuine about asking how far I ride, how hard of a ride it is and some have even said they would consider riding in as well. Let's hope that happens because then we could have a bike pool or something and ride in as a group! In my dreams yes, but it wouldn't be so lonely.
I'm not sure how much gas I've saved yet, but its not just the gas savings its also for my health. But I will admit that biking into work makes me think I have the liberty to eat a lot of junk food! Obviously I can't lose weight by doing that!
I'm sure if I keep riding into work I might see some changes in my health. I am able to ride longer and faster without getting winded as quickly which is very cool. Clearly I'm gaining more stamina.
Just saying I rode my bike into work is empowering! Yes, I do get sweaty, especially coming home on a hot day like today was! How do I combat the sweat? Well I drink a lot of water and I change my clothes completely. I have some baby wipes just in case I smell really bad, but really I don't stink up the workplace and its like a good sweat rather then a bad BO kind of sweat.
Consider how much you drive somewhere that is close and maybe think about dropping some of those trips all together or bike it! Its is worth it even though yes, its hard and sweaty at times. Biking isn't something I love yet, but I will say its growing on me very quickly!

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The Young Family said...

that is great - I want to ride to work too...(It is only 10 miles one way, it would be a good ride) It's the coming home in the dark at 10 I am worried about.... I guess I could get a head light... but still that late makes me nervous....

sorry I made that about me....

congrats to you!