Saturday, September 12, 2009

Forgive Me, I spent, but BOY did I pay...

So I will confess to spending the other day on Wednesday at a restaurant. Now wait, wait before we freak out here. I can explain.
One thing our family is really into (especiallyright now) is free stuff. My husbands birthday is coming up next week so he signed up to get free meals and stuff from local restaurants. I guess we needed SOME way to get around our "no spending at restaurants" rule.
So he had a free burger at Red Robin and I felt guilty that we were getting not only a free hamburger with endless fries AND a free sundae just because thats what they do. So I vouched to get the cheapest thing on the menu which was a salad.
I got a Ceasar Salad and helped wolf down a basket of fries and the sundae. It was good at the time, but my body isn't used to eating such greasy stuff not to mention creamy stuff. I'm more of a baked and vinegrette type gal.

My tummy wasn't having it and that night I spent the night living in my bathroom helping the salad and the rest leave abruptly. ICK. I think I may have had a bit of food poisoning, but man it wasn't good and my cheapest thing on the menu ended up costing me a day of work to. NOT good.
So I lost a day of work, spent the night in the bathroom and spent about $10 for the meal including a very gracious tip.

So I spent and I paid. Forgive me. While I tried to be frugal it wasn't happening in the end. Now with any "free" things we have for birthday's I'm not going to spend anything extra, but I would leave a great tip just because I'm sure that servers get jipped all the time with the free stuff or gift card spending.

There you go. I spent, paid thru the nose and feel pretty guilty about it.
BUT if you are wanting free stuff for your birthday here are some links. Most of these links might be for WA only, but hey its worth the click right?!
Pretty much every single one of these links below we have a coupon for. I know, I know. Its an obsession and probably should not be allowed when we are not supposed to be spending.
HUGE sigh...

Happy Birthday Hubby! (on Sept 16)

Red Robin
Baskin & Robbins
The Ram
Buca di Beppo
Cold Stone Creamery
Black Angus Steakhouse
Del Taco

And for more really great Free items check out It's Hip to Save (love this blog for freebies!!) or my other favorite place for free stuff is and click on their daily Freebies & deals page.

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