Monday, September 7, 2009

Keeping Up with the Jones

Obviously I don't keep up with the Jones anymore and never really did because logic wouldn't allow me to consider it, but I do sometimes wish I could keep up with the Eco-Jones if there is such a family out there.

But for many of you out there you wish it was possible to live more eco friendly ALL the time. we wish we could bike to work daily with no thought to rain or snow or we wish we could make our own food all the time and long to grow all our food.
I sometimes pour over eco magazines only to depress myself. Its like looking at a Good Housekeeping magazine, but instead with an environmental twist! Their healthy gardens that seem to be all over their yard and not a piece of chicken poop in sight! Ahhhh to have that beautiful backyard...
Alas, that is not our house, but at the same time I hope that many will want to keep up with our family and the examples we are trying to leave on those in our lives.
We went over to our friends house today who wanted to give me a bike and during our visit she suddenly had the urge to go thru her recycling bin to be sure her hubby wasn't tossing whatever in there.
She had been cleaning out her garage and I was telling her about how great you feel when not only you have a clean garage, but you feel a sense of relief to have stuff be gone. Later I read on her Facebook how great it felt to be giving stuff to people who not only needed stuff but welcomed it! See now that's something to be inspired by.
Maybe my presence inspired her a bit. I suspect most people feel guilty around me at times when they have a lot of things or their trash is overflowing, but I hope not! I would rather inspire thoughts about change and the desire to push living further by really taking a look at what we own and if we need it.

So if everyone in the rest of the US continues to keep up with the Jones's I think I'll blaze my own path and maybe just maybe people will want to keep up with the Davis's! ;)

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Anonymous said...

oh, that is funny, i rated your blog! woohoooooo! :) i am glad i inspired you, but usually you inspire me....thank you for that!