Thursday, September 24, 2009

No spend confession

Sorry I haven't written in SO long.
So lets start with how the no spend challenge is going.

Well I haven't really Spent anything that wasn't needed or required. You could argue that I didn't need to pay for most of the flowers for my boss after her dad died, but I felt it was a necessary purchase and it helped her. Those flowers are still in her office after a week later so they lasted pretty dang long.

AND I guess you could argue that I didn't need to go for the weekend to the Beach with my son and blow $20 at the Arcade and dinner at least 2x during the weekend....and I remember candy and fudge being involved at one time....

Ok Ok so I spent.
I needed that weekend away though. My son and I had spent very little with each other over the summer and I needed a break. So yes. I spent 2 nights in a hotel (but we got the cost down at least $20-30 a night on each hotel) but they both had free breakfast that we made SURE to stuff ourselves on. We only ate one meal on Saturday - Free breakfast & a really late lunch. Then we snacked on stuff and killed time on the beach for hours. It was great. We didn't drive hardly at all except to get there.
So all in all, it was worth the money we spent on it. I consider experiences not truly part of the no spend challenge.
Ok OK I'm stretching it I know.

But honestly and I mean it, aside from going on our trip we really haven't bought anything we didn't need. Today in fact I did not want to pack a lunch so I considered going to the store and buying something. So I called my husband and said lets have lunch together and he brought food from home.

I want to also point out I've been careful at the grocery store, but I did have a bit of a weakness with some pudding purchases......sigh....I needed to use up the milk....weak argument.

All in all, this has been good and eye opening. I'm actually enjoying to see how long I can go now and make this no spend stuff last! Should be fun!

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Rachel Ann said...

Good job on your no spending month! I've been trying to be alert to things I don't need to buy as well...and man oh man it is difficult!!