Saturday, September 26, 2009

Don't Stop Believing!!

So have you ever wondered if I get tired of living how I live?
Don't you think at times I just want to go out and drive a big ol' Hummer and eat tons of pre-packaged food and then throw it out the window??

Or do I look longingly at the paper towels when I go down the paper aisle at the store?? It would be so much easier to clean up dog barf with paper towels....

As a whole when I think about how I've been living for the past couple years I think nope, I don't get too tired about how I've changed my life and at times I think about how lucky I am to be living so in tune with life. That sounds so high and mighty I know, but seriously when I took the time to really slow down and appreciate life and what I do on a daily basis its so freeing!

But yes, sometimes I get a little burnt out and drive myself crazy thinking about little details like if something i buy is truly sustainable or if what I put into my body is good for me! (I am more concerned about the food I put into my body)

At first it was maddening,but then you slow down and realize life isn't that complicated and God never intended for me ot worry about the smallest detail. Thats His job.

I read a lot about other people worrying about global warming or chemicals in our waters or plastic leeching into our food. While I think all those things are valid thing to worry about, I don't think we should worry so much we stop enjoying life and all it has for us. For me, its something as simple as just feeling the sun on my back or browsing thru the Farmers Market and thinking about the pumkins that are finally here! For some of us thinking about silly things like Pumpkins sounds so boring I know.
But what brings you passion that isn't man made or isn't something entertaining like football or movies?
Maybe its your kids or something in your home that always makes you smile. Something tells me that when a DR says to think about something that makes you happy or relaxing you think more about sitting on a Beach then thinking about some Football game. ;) nothing against Football I swear.
So maybe hanging my clothes on a clothesline makes me feel all homey and warm inside just like baking something from scratch and hearing people rave about it. Its all good and you know what? It helps the environment -- the environment around me -- and that makes a planet Happy.
So don't stop believing in what you do to help the World be a better place. When Global warming seems at its peak just look to your happy place and go from there!
Picture from Flickr.

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