Sunday, October 4, 2009

EASY Green Tip

So you know how you look into your closet and the first thought that comes to mind is, "I have nothing to wear?"

Well, consider re-arranging your closet so everything looks new. I think that when items are in the same spot ALL The time it looks the same and we are not interested in what we have. Consider that clothing stores rearrange their stuff ALL the time so everything looks fresh and new!

I thought of this tip when I was thinking the same thing in my closet the other day. And yes, I rearranged my clothes that are hanging. Now its like my closet has a whole new look even though I have no knew clothes to speak of!

This is a fast easy way to know what you got in there and well, its time to change out the seasons and break into our winter clothes anyway. So get to it!

Picture from RealSimple.

1 comment:

KP said...

Good idea, Kahler!

- Krystal (KP)