Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pantry Challenge Update

January is basically over and I wanted to give you a little update about how we did trying to eat out of our pantry and using what we had rather then going out every week to buy something for dinner.

We did good to be honest. I only had to buy the usual stuff like Soy Milk, Milk, Sour Cream and that was about it. I did however buy some canned fruit and canned tomatoes when they went on sale because I just needed some fruit so badly!!! And the canned tomatoes can always be used for other meals. Now I just need to USE them and not let them sit in the pantry collecting dust.

Some of our meals were boring (think Cereal) and some were fantastic! We had this one meal called Chicken Barley Stew and it was off the back of the Barley Box. I had my doubts, but it turned out great and will be a recipe we do again.
Now the Chicken Cheese and Rice recipe off the back of cream of chicken soup was a flop. Didn't cook well and ended up being so boring and bland.
As part of my challenge I also went thru the freezer trying to use up stuff that needed to be used and stop collecting freezer burn! It was good to clean the freezer out a bit too.

I still look at my pantry and marvel at all that's in there. I can't imagine how it is for some families who might go weeks before having anything in their pantry's. It makes me feel a little sick to be honest. So I'm thinking of donating some of our food to a lady who just moved in down the street from us who was living in her car before someone found her a rental.
I think that's a God reminder when I think about Giving. We have SO much and while Hubby might not have a job right now, I still have food and I don't live in my car.
We are so richly blessed I'm almost overwhelmed thinking about it.
I thank God that even if I did clean out my pantry to the shelves I'd still have $$ to put food back into it. After all I do have a job and many don't.

We're going to keep at this pantry challenge. Why stop? Its a great challenge a reminder to all we have in our lives.

We are so blessed.
Be blessed today!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I searched google, typing in 'Eating natural in Puyallup' and your blog came up! I live in Graham and I have been eating The so called 'Nourishing Tradition' way for about year. We also made decisions to clean up our eating, so NO more big big big bags of Costco chicken! To bad and I only say that because of the convenience of those big bags. We have 8 people over the age of 18 so it gets tough trying to fill those bellies on 1 little and very expensive chicken! Where have you been searching for your meat? I purchased a grass fed cow from my neighbor, but chicken I cannot find.
What caught my eye was and the reason I thought to respond was that you consume soy it messed with me from my thyroid to fibroids, have you felt changes in you body?
Thank you for your blog, Kelley