Sunday, January 24, 2010


We have a few local CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) around us, but most of them are pretty $$ and while I want to support local sometimes its hard to swallow those costs. Usually the Farmers Market is going on and they are there anyone so it makes it easier and I don't have to drive far.

The other day I was leaving to go to work and noticed a delivery van down the street that said Terra Organics. See now i got really excited! A company that delivers?? Even BETTER! I found them online and discovered they are very local -- using even some of the farms down in the Valley here.
I think the fact that they deliver is what gets me. Many CSA's don't deliver and I understand why and I don't know a whole lot about this company but I'm thinking of signing up. They deliver either weekly or bi-weekly and every season the boxes of produce changes. You can choose from different sized boxes and styles as well. There is a veggie box, a fruit box, a Washington only box (think only seasonal to WA and local) and mixed boxes of fruit and veggies.

So I think we're going to give them a try.
I already got me Fresh eggs. Might as well take advantage of those who are really good green thumbs when it comes to growing produce!!

I'll let you know how it goes. If you are local check them out here:

If you are looking for a local CSA in your area check out for more information about CSA's.

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