Saturday, February 20, 2010

What You Spend On?

My husband and I are going thru the MHA Program which is thru the US Government for our mortgage. Part of going thru any mortgage process is pretty much showing them everything you've spent money on for a couple of months.
When we had to fax in the last 2 months of our bank statements I wondered what they would think when they saw what we spent on.

Would they wonder why I continue to give to World Vision?

Would they understand why I bought all that stuff from Target and Old Navy during December for my Christmas Families?

Would they just think we went crazy at Christmas time on ourselves and Family?

Would they understand why I get frozen strawberries at Top Foods for $7.99 a bag?

Would buying Organic somehow not justify how we spend our money?

Would not buying enough groceries somehow make us look bad?

All of this runs thru my mind when I consider them looking deep into our money stuff. I wonder what they would also think when they saw our Giving Portion (section A I believe) of our taxes. Would they think we gave too much?

Would giving somehow make them question our spending?

Doesn't that seem backwards? That giving would somehow raise a red flag. I don't think it will, but I would hate to think that they would question us or question why we give at all. I would hope they look at our finances and say, "they gave." and that's that. Just that we gave. We didn't spend. We gave.
We gave more this year then any year we have in the past. And while that might sound prideful, for me, it makes me look at how much we COULD have given in the years we had a lot more. Instead in our leanest times we gave as much as we could. I think God really has shown me that even in our "leanest" periods we can still give A LOT and still have enough left over.
I'll let you know if anything comes up from all that we've given and our MHA process. I just thought you might like to think about how you have spent and/or given this year. Doing our taxes always reminds us of how wealthy we are and how much we really DID have over the past year.

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