Monday, February 15, 2010

No more Chicken

Its official. We are out of commercially raised chicken. Now if I want chicken I have to commit to my promise to only buy chicken that was raised either humanely and locally or Organic. All of the above would be nice!

I only have about 4 more lbs of ground turkey as well.

Once all those meats are gone, I don't intend to buy anything less then high quality, humanely raised chicken. Its a tall order for sure considering the costs, but I'm thinking it'll help curb some of our meat eating period. As of right now Hubby and Noah hardly eat any red meats (Noah eats them mainly at school) so when they do eat a lot of it they feel pretty ill.

Believing I can stick to this. It'll be hard especially in light of our financial situation and having one less job, but I think it'll truly make us rethink not only what we are eating but how Much we are eating. Time to scale that back as well.

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JillW said...

Try The Meat Shop of Tacoma out on Vickery for humanely and locally raised beef, pork and chicken. I also use Terra Organics for my organic produce. Great company!