Saturday, April 17, 2010

Looking for a Gift

So I've decided to start getting people gifts the Give from now on. No more getting crap for kids or silly gifts that will just one day end up in the trash because its breaks. And let's not forget that most toys are made in China with workers slaving over them for pennies. No thanks.
Of course Noah is probably going to hate me for being "that mom" that gives stuff that like this, but so what. Its not like he's buying it with his money.

Here are some ideas:
FEED Projects goal is to reach hungry children through the sales of our FEED bags. FEED bags raise much-needed funds for WFP school-feeding operations and awareness of the problem of child hunger.

All FEED products are made as eco-friendly and fairly as possible. Our bags are produced with high-quality, 100% organic cotton and natural burlap. We work with only audited and certified fair labor facilities. It's important to us to visit the places our products are made AND the places our donations are going.

Of course don't forget about Charity: Water.

They have really snazzy looking gifts that go A LONG way in helping people in developing countries. The simple gift of water sounds so small, but think about it. Water is what brings and keeps us living. I think water is so important and is why God mentions water over and over in his Word.

World Vision's Gift Catalog

Its year round that you can buy a goat or chickens or supply a micro loan for a women! Some gifts get you a gift too. And they do have gifts that provide supplies or clothing to children state side so if you don't want to donate to someone in another country you can provide something here too.

Oxfam is another one similar to World Vision with a lot of great gift giving options. You can even buy poop. I'm NOT joking. My favorite is the mosquito nets as they are a simple gift that goes a long way in protecting children from deadly bites. They are only $18. What a steal!

World of Good on Ebay has over 15000 eco and socially conscious goods available for Sale.

Don't forget our good friends at! Great gifts that support women in Nepal.

I need to get a gift but I'm going to let Noah pick it as its for his friend. Let's see what he chooses!

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