Sunday, April 18, 2010

Earth Week

So Earth Week probably officially started yesterday, but I saw a really neat thing in a Target ad that I had to share.

In your April 18th Target Ad there is a section that shows all their Eco-Friendly items and Targets sustainability commitment.
In those pages there is a little section that says Recycle=Reward.
And it says, "Send us 5 Target plastic bags, Get a coupon for $1 off any Reusable Bag valued over $1.49. With this offer, Target and TErracycle are partnering to help you save resources. Learn more about TerraCycle and our commitment to the environment at"

And you just fold over the page and it has a postage paid envelope you can make out of the paper flyer to mail in your Target Bags. I say, even if you don't want the $1 off coupon for a reusable bag, just send in 5 bags to be recycled anyway! This is a Win Win situation. I don't think I even have 5 target bags right now, but I'm going to look anyhow.

Very cool Target and Kudos to this idea! Keep it up ;)

Here's a little video from the TerrraCycle peeps! Shows how they turn our trash into something cool.

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