Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Stuff vs. My Need

This might seem like an oddly titled post, but bear with me here.

I will be having a garage sale at the end of May -- just like the rest of my town does from May to September. i think people drive to Puyallup just to find the good deals and not just on cars. Side joke that only Puyallup people will get sorry.

Anyhow, we are wanting to keep my son in his private school, but due to our lack of funds (also known as Hubby doesn't have a job for the past year lack of funds) its making it incredibly hard to imagine having that happen right now. Especially when the school can only cover about $1500 out of the $6500 we will owe. Ouch. Yes its expensive, but so worth it. I know God wants Noah there, but he's going to have to answer a few prayers about it.

So we are starting with the yard sale.
I'm asking for my friends and family to donate stuff to our sale in exchange for us to gain more fundage towards Noah's school. I don't know if it'll work, but I have a feeling we are going to get a flood of response about this.

So now I'm looking at the stuff around my house and all of a sudden they just seem silly. For example, we have so many sheet sets. I was shocked at how many we had and I don't know why we have so many. We only have 2 beds to put them on in the first place. Now if you have been reading this blog for awhile you know that we gave a single mom about 7 sets 2 years ago. And here we are again reassessing what we have.

Now when I look at my stuff I think, is this more important then my son and what we want for him? He wants to go to his school next year and I want what he wants. Giving him the best is worth it to me and if that means I go without some stuff then so be it. Besides it's so cleansing to go thru your stuff and see everything so clean and open!

Back to the sheets. We are only keeping 4 sets for Noah and 5 for us. And we are going to sell 4 more sets at the yard sale. Not to mention a bunch of blankets and things that I wonder why I was hiding in a closet to begin with!

Its hard.
Don't get me wrong I'm all about keeping the stuff to a minimum but this time around its feeling like I need to purge more stuff then we ever thought possible and its for an amazing cause! And really? Do I honestly need 10 sets of sheets?? I think not.

Obviously whatever doesn't sell we'll donate, but I'm really going to start praying that God'll bring a flood of people to the sale and just blow us away with whatever happens in the next month while we gather up stuff. I'm having a lot of expectations for this in my mind and I'm believing they'll come to pass.

Isn't it funny how when we start accumulating stuff especially when we move into our first home we think we NEED it and then something happens in your life and those things seem so small. Suddenly my need doesn't seem necessary anymore.

We're doing this for Noah and sacrificing our stuff hardly seems like anything. I would sell so much if it meant Noah could stay at his school for another 6 years! (that's how many years he'll have left after 6th grade! CRAZY!)

For now before the sale hits, I'll be trying to sell some stuff thru Craigslist and the like to see if I can get top dollar first and the rest will be liquidated. Everyone loves those sales where most stuff is around a $1 or less! I know I do!!

So if you wouldn't mind praying the weather holds out too that would be great! Thanks People and remember Yard Sales are a GREAT way to Recycle not only your own stuff but other peoples stuff too.
Here's to yard Sale Season!

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