Saturday, July 24, 2010

Biking Again..

So I've started biking again to work. I could have been biking for the last month or so, but have been lazy.
Now I really don't have an excuse because I need to save the gas AND they built an overpass on my route that literally saves me about 10 min off my drive time. Its also got a sidewalk on it so I won't DIE. Best part about the new overpass -- its not open to vehicles yet! Yay! So I'm probably breaking some law by biking over it while its still closed to car traffic, but dang it - I need to use it.
I found yet again while riding that its not a chore. In fact, I sort of feel like I'm a part of some secret club or something. Its very liberating too! I don't' have a fancy bike for sure (I'll admit I bought this bike about 10 yrs ago at Wal*Mart) and I have a silly helmet with daisy's all over it, but I enjoy it a lot. I'll miss it when I can't do it anymore.
Currently I can bike to work due to yet again hubby being out of work which means I don't have to tote Noah to day camp. I've only technically started riding for about 2 days this past week, but hey, that's 2 days I saved on gas and biking early in the morning is like working out right?!
For some people its running or walking, I think I've found its biking for me. I hope to one day when hubby has a job and the world is all well to get a new fancy commuter bike - like a REAL bike the people spend $100 of dollars on. Not spend, $20's on. I do hope that maybe I can find a used one or a floor model one because looking at the costs on bikes makes me gasp a little. But my biker friends say that its worth the investment and you earn it back quicker by not using so much gas anymore.
I really have my eye on this one because it has no chain! How awesome is THAT?!
Anyway here's to saving gas this summer people. :) no go ride!

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