Saturday, August 21, 2010

Egg Recall

This is my son Noah last summer holding our very first egg from our tiny little flock of chickens who at the time were only 3 hens. Now we have 7 all of which are laying both brown and white eggs.
I get big beautiful eggs that are lovely and strong inside of their shells! I call eggs at the store "weak" eggs because they are so bland and tasteless. Ick.
But now with the Massive Egg Recall I have to wonder if people will turn to a more home egg option.
My little backyard flock currently is laying about 4-6 eggs a day, but my 3 older hens will stop their egg production shortly when they start molting. I think one of them is already starting to molt as her tail feathers are pretty stubby looking right now.
Either way, I'm getting a lot of eggs and all the sunshine WA is suddenly seeing is helping us tremendously with their egg production. I already have had 2 people inquire about getting eggs from my backyard flock and I don't blame them. Who wants to worry about salmonella poisoning from an egg!? I know I don't. This is going to hit egg farmers pretty hard and because their chickens don't look sick its hard for them to pin point who is carrying the strain. Horrible for sure.
But at the same time it brings up a good point about how we as consumers are endlessly wanting cheaper, BIGGER, FASTER - NOOOWWW!!! And because of that we've allowed chickens to become resistant to certain antibiotics and we want them to produce, produce, produce at a rapid rate so the chicken can't be just a chicken. So because of those of these things we do to get our food faster and cheaper we risk things like this happening. Of course thats just my opinion on the matter. I feel for the farmers, I really do. This is a huge blow to them and their families regardless of their business practices and how they treat their layers. (but I don't in any way condone or agree with how some farmers DO treat their layers. most of the time its sickening)
However, I hate to sound smug, but I don't have to worry about my eggs being bad. Its pretty rare to get eggs from someone who has organic, Free range, cage free chickens. when I was in the store today Hubby mentioned how he has never seen eggs with those 3 options on it.
So when you are out shopping for eggs this week or next, consider buying Organic Valley's eggs. they were NOT part of the recall. That is unless you don't have an option of getting a backyard chickens eggs. Even ones that don't eat organic feed are better then buying from the store right now.

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