Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Sheets

So I bought these about 2 months ago at Toys R Us of all places when they were having a HUGE sale on Seventh Generation products. (and I had a coupon and a mail in rebate so it was worth it)

The sale gave me the opportunity to buy items from them I hadn't seen before and hadn't had a chance to try yet.

So I've been using the Blue Eucalyptus and Lavender scented ones and I have mixed feelings about them.

Pros: For one thing, they do actually reduce static cling, the sheets feel like soft paper and can be recycled when done, chlorine-Free, all the ingredients are on the back and will tell you what each ingredient truly is (that's one great thing about Seventh Generation - they don't hide ingredients!). If you are chemically sensitive you won't be offended by the smell because it has natural plant derived ingredients for the scent and come in the Scent Free option if you are extremely chemically sensitive to scents. The sheets can also be composted if you don't want to recycle them!

Cons: if you like a scent on your laundry after it hits the dryer -these are not for you. They don't leave a heavy scent on clothes which I like, but if you like that fresh from the dryer with some sickening sweet smell you don't get that from these. 65 sheets per box which is fairly typical for most dryer sheets, but does not come in a huge box. If you want to buy it in bulk i would check out as they typically can offer many Seventh Generation products in bulk. The sheets are brown paper sheets - sort of like a paper sack. For some this might put them off a bit for the rest of us it means it can be recycled or composted!

I personally would say that over all they are great! Being able to compost or recycle them is wonderful and truly feels like I'm keeping all my waste out of the landfill.

It took some getting used to with the brown paper look, but they don't stick to your clothes like traditional dryer sheets so no surprises finding a dryer sheet up a pant leg! So I suggest you give it a try. Don't let the price scare you and don't forget Seventh Generation often offers coupons on their site. So no excuses! Give 'em a try and tell me what you think.

Picture from Seventh Generation Site.

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