Sunday, September 26, 2010

Funny thing happened while at Ikea...

We went to ikea the other day and did a little shopping.
On our way out at the checkout I kept looking for something to bag our stuff in. We had a lot of little items that were not going to fit into my purse!
Silly Me.
I forgot that Ikea got rid of bags years ago - the cashier confirmed this when he said, "Sorry. We haven't had bags for 3 years now."
Ok sorry.
Thankfully I had my trusty red roll up bag in my purse. Whew!

I'll admit to being a little lazy in the whole bring your own bag dept. I do bring them on large trips, but sometimes fail on smaller trips for stuff.

Ikea is a great example of a sustainability leader.
They have 77 ways they are improving their impact on this earth with their Never Ending List.
I like the name.
Loads of great ideas throughout the list to help not only the environment around them, but also at the store level. Gotta hand it to them for striving to be the leader in being as sustainable as possible.
I encourage you to see the list - its vast and well thought out.
I like to shop at places that encourage things like this but at the same time don't dent my wallet so hard I can't breathe while inside! Some of the Eco-stores in our area are so expensive I can't get past the price tags, let alone consider the product. But with stores that are large like Ikea they can obviously make the biggest impact because they are big.

Kudos Ikea!

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