Sunday, September 19, 2010

Repurposing Rather then New

Because of hubby being laid off from work (still) we are trying to come up with whatever we can to make extra money on the side.
One thing we've done a little bit of is make some things for dogs and cats to be sold in our local petstore. She sells a ton of natural and homemade stuff for all animals and we just adore them. They let us help them make some register cabinets and it forged a great friendship.
I personally feel like its better to take something that is already existing, but might be very ugly and then make it into something either useful or pretty! :)

We are currently working on this ugly side table and making it into cat box furniture. Which as ugly as THAT sounds, its just a piece of furniture that you hide a cat box in. So it looks pretty and hides the litter box.

I wish we could make a job out of it honestly. I think there is plenty of furniture out there that can be repurposed rather then tossed into the dump. its hard to snag this stuff on CL and we should have been more adamant about it during Yard Sale season, but for now we'll see how we do with what we have. Lots of people repurpose furniture and make a good living off of it.... I can dream can't I? And it could still happen. We just need to get more into it!
So far we've repurposed an old table, a lawn bench and that side table (still under construction). So we're getting there.

Before you toss, consider repurposing or at the very least recycle it on CL. It'll find a home there for sure! :)

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