Sunday, November 21, 2010

Homemade at Home

Every since I've been trying to live a more purposeful life, I've learned to love to cook more. I'm not completely great at it - in fact a lot of times I fail like crazy, but usually someone will eat it. The guys at work swear I'm the best ever, but they lie so I'll make more stuff for them! ;)

But seriously I'm really starting to get better at cooking and try harder to make things from scratch. Its better for us overall and cheaper on my pocketbook.

Tonight I made 2 batches (approx 16 cups) of vegetable broth and an apple pie. I personally love to make homemade broth - so much better for us instead of the commercially prepared stuff. Typical broth such as chicken broth has 770mg on average per can. Even the low sodium stuff is full of salt. No thanks.
I'll make my own chicken broth after I cook a small chicken. Its so easy, just throw in a few carrots, onions and celery. I make mine in a crock pot so I don't have to watch it and it uses less electricity over all.

Aside from just growing to love to cook, I'll admit I love the praise I get from family and co-workers about how good my food tastes. I normally only bring in baked goods to work since its easier to transport. They love it. And I have the Internet to thank for all my good recipes! Seriously I just google stuff I want to make and can find a recipe with a ton of reviews about it and I just narrow down which one sounds the best.
I can't say all my baking has done a whole lot for my waistline, but it has made me feel more empowered about controlling what goes INTO our food.
Plus, less packaging - who doesn't love that?!

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