Sunday, November 21, 2010

Heaters and how we're doing...

I mentioned a few posts back that we will try to not used my gas furnace (which needs to be serviced badly) for as long as we can this winter.
Well last night it snowed and I've come to realize that 2 heaters is either not enough or I'm not going to win this whole "not use the furnace" challenge.
We have 2 of them - one we keep upstairs and one downstairs. Of course I do the usual stuff like keeping doors closed to rooms not needed to be heated (Oh its so cold in my bathroom!!) and keeping blinds closed to keep out the cold as much as possible, but its still pretty chilly.
My husband thinks we need another one but I don't want to spend the $$ on it right now. We'll get used to it. After all, the snow isn't that bad yet and while yes it barely snowed last year our electric & gas bill was crazy.
so we'll keep on using them - pumping up the heat if necessary even!
I'm big on sweatshirts and whats wrong with wearing a hood inside?!
the trade off I'm trying with using the electric heaters instead is to not use the dryer and hang the laundry near the heater which also helps put some moisture into the air as well. That's helpful for us all, but me and my allergies especially.
I will say that not having the gas furnace on my allergies have been grand. No crazy dust flying thru the air at random points throughout the day.
Here's hoping that by putting off the use of the furnace that we'll save it from possibly breaking down due to it needing to be serviced. This is what we get for being lazy right?!
Here's to the first snow of the year!

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