Thursday, November 11, 2010



$4 Yard Sale purchase that is now going to make some little kid a very happy kid this Christmas!! People need to see the beauty under the ugly sometimes. While I'm sure this was passed over and over at the sale I bought it from because its just too "much" to fix it up for some people. But for me and hubby we benefit from people's laziness and make a profit off of that.
This kitchen I'm most proud of because I found it myself and know its a great find. REAL wood and good bones. Just needed a quick sand, paint job and some cute accessories then VIOLA - excellent kitchen!
So while shopping consider re-doing! you might be surprised at what you can accomplish!



super cute Marcie! How much? Elly has one, but this one is WAY cuter!

Marcie Kahler-Davis said...

We are selling it from anywhere between $300-350. Just depends on if they get the "friend" discount or the FB discount! LOL ;)