Saturday, May 19, 2012

Almost Amish

Almost Amish By Nancy Sleeth
From Blessed Earth
 So I have been blessed to receive this book by an amazing author whom originally inspired me to really start living a more sustainable lifestyle about 5 yrs ago now. 
Nancy Sleeth is wife to Matthew Sleeth who wrote "Serve God, Save the Planet" (which I still highly recommend) and she loves to write a lot of about how to simplify your life and your lifestyle with really basic ideas that are not hard or crazy.
When I saw that the book was coming out I got really excited because personally I'm obsessed with the Amish.  I read a TON of Amish Fiction by anyone and everyone and thoroughly enjoy learning about their lifestyle.
I think the Amish are the ones who are going to have it made if we ever go "off the grid" in the future.  Truly they are the only self sustaining people within the US that can live just off the land.
I dream about such a simple lifestyle like they live - having nothing on the walls, no need to decorate the house to the hilt and they definitely don't keep up with the Jones or the Yoders for that matter!
(sorry  - bad Amish Joke)

Anyway, if you don't know a lot about the Amish people except from Hollywood movies like Witness or For Richer or For Poorer I recommend reading more about how they live.  Even if you don't agree with their living completely off the grid at the very least they are an incredible testament to forgiveness and living a life that places no blame on a person.  They truly could teach us a lot about that basic principle that I know God wishes we could understand like they do.

So I'm going to go read my book now. 
I'll let you know how it turns out and write a review here shortly!!

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