Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Green on TV

So I watched NBC last night, who is having a "green week" on nearly every show they are showing currently.
The Biggest Loser I mentioned a few posts back was also one of the green shows that were showing how you can be green. They did a pretty good job of showing green ideas and tips. They didn't use any of their exercise equipment throughout the whole show so obviously they saved a lot of energy in that respect. Only downfall was they again, were drinking out of a lot of water bottles and I don't think (and I could have missed it) they showed how they are actively recycling them.
They also talked a lot about eating organic foods (all wrapped in plastic might I add? Beth over at Fake Plastic Fish would not be so happy if she saw that one!) and showed a lot of recyclable materials. We never really saw them recycle anything, it was more for the shock factor then anything else. And of course, one team one a Ford Hybrid. Nice!
Tomorrow they are going to incorporate more green ideas, jokes, people, etc into their shows. I do have to say that me sitting on my butt watching TV probably isn't the most green thing to be doing....sorry!

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