Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gas being so $$$ isn't ALL bad!

Ok please keep reading and bear with me!!

I just wanted to throw out a lighthearted little post about how having high gas prices isn't all that bad. I mean, technically there are a few goods things about this.
So here it goes and I would bet some of you all are doing these things or almost doing it anyway.

Gas prices are pretty high here on the West Coast where I live and I realize for many its creating a lot of headaches and yes, we are ALL feeling the "pain at the pump." But consider what other countries have to pay for gas right now. We are not alone here people!!! CNN Money states that gas is actually cheaper in the US then in other countries. To which I know you are all saying, Sure sure, but its still really bad here.

Consider this: Because gas is so expensive you don't just drive just to drive anymore. You actually put some thought or plan your trips so you don't have to drive all over town anymore. Which in turn means less CO2 in the air which is good for all of us. Could also mean less traffic in some areas too!

Consider this: By not going out so much you are buying less "stuff." Mean means less stuff needs to be made and less of a strain on your wallet. Which means extra savings for you. Lets face it; when you go out and SEE something you are more inclined to buy it even if you had NO plans to buy it.

Consider this: Leaving the house less means you are being with your family more and more. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on some families!! Break out those boardgames and just make it a fun night. Or go for a walk and get some exercise. It will do you body and you mind a whole lotta good to get some fresh air. Enjoy your neighborhood. Who knows what you might find! Maybe you can actually meet your neighbors! ( I dunno though...I have some interesting neighbors...)

Consider this: You will get more done around your house because you are spending more time in it. Ladies I don't know about you, but this is when i break out my Honey-Do list and start adding to that list to encourage hubby to see what I see that needs to get done. Procrastinators UNITE! This is your chance to redeem your procrastinator status.

Consider this: Less driving means less wear and tear on your car. You don't drive--not much wears down. Adding less miles to your car is an all around good thing anyway. Means longer stretches between oil changes, tire replacements and everything else you car might do.

Consider this: Maybe you'll go back to school (online), write a book, read a book, work in your garden, clean your house out, bake/cook, play an instrument, sew/knit or just learn a new skill. Seriously this list could keep going and going.

There are so many other reasons about why the gas prices doesn't' mean the end of the world. For me, it taught us to learn to be more careful and just appreciate being at home. I don't' need to be entertained all the time and having this time at home has been really nice. I just feels right.
So next time you are at the pump complaining about the prices being so high maybe consider what you can do to not have to keep buying gas. Besides maybe you should thank the Lord that you even HAVE a car to put gas in. Or money to buy that gas...don't make me go down that road.

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The Young Family said...

A great post! I have to admit when the gas prices started going up I thought we need to sell our SUV, but we bought it out right have no car payment, and pay way less in gas then we would if we bought a new car(and had a payment)... so we will keep our SUV and be happy that we are paying minimal amount of money each month on gas, because I don't drive very far! (and well duh no car payment!) I wouldn't go buy a new SUV right now unless it got some great mpg! (Does that happen in an suv?? lol) I do like having a truck than haul the boat and trailer when we need to, it is nice.

If I have told you that story before sorry - I think I have short term memory loss!