Sunday, September 28, 2008

My New Clothes Line

So you all know I've been trying forever to get a clothes line and I finally got one. This is nothing fancy obviously, but it works and is might be small, but I think its going to work nicely.

I found it at Home Depot in some random aisle with the price written on the box. I've seen this style on and off and they range quite a bit in price. This one is short which works for me! Its removable too so I can move it to the shed in the winter. The lines are made of a plastic type tubing and the metal is rust proof.

This is behind our house so only my neighbors behind us can see it. And maybe the neighbors on my right could too if they peek over the fence. This is one of the sunniest areas in our yard so it should be able to dry all day. No more needing to use the deck.

What was the most funny about this drying rack is the packaging.
Here is a picture of it.
If you look really closely the lady hanging the clothes is probably in her late 40's to 50's wearing simple clothes (naturally).
But look behind you see it?
See the pretty field of Corn??
Apparently only those of us who live in the country use clothes racks like this one. Niche marketing maybe? Who knows. Dry your clothes people.


Rachel Ann said...

OMG...I remember those types of clothes lines from when I was kid...but what I really remember is that they swung around and made great weapons.

In fact, I think I got a black eye from the neighbor boy because of it....

Marcie said...

What I didn't write about was that we had one of these in the backyard forever too.
It was a permanent pole though and I mostly remember the Pole being there more then the rack.
Mine turns around too! LOVE IT!
Weapon...I hope not...but I better keep my eye out for that next Spring!
I was more worried about dogs peeing on my clothes or smashing them into the dirt if they fell off!! They can't pee on it though--too high! Thank goodness..