Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Serve God Save the Planet bible study

its offical!
I'm going to be hosting a small group at church where we do the Serve God Save the Planet book study.
I'm elated and somewhat hesitant.

My fear?
That no one signs up.
I have a fear everyone will think we are some crazy left wing liberals with dreads and smell like BO. I dunno. Stereotyping I know, bad.

But I seriously I don't know how well it'll go over; however I'm incredibly hopeful that people will sign up because they truly do want to see this whole Green fad as being something we do for God. Practicing Stewardship is so huge with God so I'm ready for that side-its sharing all the other things I don't know how well they will go over! ;)

Pray for me.
Lets hope I get a huge sign up that we have to do it maybe 2x a week! Ok that is a bit over the top, but wouldn't it be nice??


Will Sears said...


This is Will Sears from Blessed Earth, the parent organization of Serve God, Save the Planet. I first wanted to encourage you in your upcoming book study using our book!

I would like to e-mail you a copy of our study guide that you can either e-mail or print out for members of your group. Just e-mail me at willsears@blessed-earth.org so I can get that to you.

Thanks, Marcie. We are behind you, and we can encourage you with the fact that so many people have been transformed by the message God has given us to share.

Will Sears
Director of Communication
Blessed Earth

Rachel Ann said...

Well stop the world! Marcie...a small group at church?


I love your venturing into new arenas...and ya know I'd totally come if I lived there!


Hey Marcie! I would LOVE to join your Bible Study...can you do it during a time when I can attend? Maybe a week night? I promise that this small group I will not flake out on.