Friday, January 16, 2009

Serve God Save the Planet on Display

So its offical--all my begging finally paid off, my small group study of the Serve God Save the Planet book is going to be showcased among the other groups next weekend!
I'm very excited and nervous all at once.
I just want people to join our group and really be able to explain to people what the study is about without people assuming I'm a crazy liberal hiding out in the church!
Truly this group could go either way--it could be incredibly successful or misunderstood. I'm going to lean on the successful side! I'm fasting today to help have some clarity and prayer about this small group. (well that and noah spent last night puking, so food just doesn't sound good, but I honestly did have the fasting in mind!!)

Anyway, we "showcase" our group next weekend at all services to recruit our peeps. Now I'm online getting as much info as I possibly can so I'm armed and prepared for this.
(Secretly I hope the group is so big I have to break it into different days, but I should be careful what I wish for right?)

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Will Sears said...

I'm the director of communications for Matthew and Nancy Sleeth at Blessed Earth, and I want you to know you have our total support. We have seen such traction not only among churches themselves, but we are gaining ground in the higher levels of leadership of major denominations, too. So, while people may look at you like you're an oddball, there is an entire army of people behind this movement -- you are not alone!

If we can be of any help do you during this time, e-mail me personally at I will be happy to forward materials if you'd like!

Happy showcasing!