Friday, March 19, 2010


So keeping with the whole water theme, my fellow blogger friend Karen pointed out this really cool site called Charity:Water.

Probably the MOST cool thing about them is that when you donate just $20 it can provide water for one person for 20 YEARS. Yes, you read that right, 20 YEARS. Pretty freakin' awesome if you ask me.

Here is their mission statement: "It’s hard not to think about water today. In the western world, we face growing concerns about our stewardship of the world’s most precious resource. There’s talk of shortages, evidence of reservoirs and aquifers drying up, and of course, plenty of people who simply don’t care.

But forget about us.

Most of us have never really been thirsty. We’ve never had to leave our houses and walk 5 miles to fetch water. We simply turn on the tap, and water comes out. Clean. Yet there are a billion people on the planet who don’t have clean water.
It’s hard to imagine what a billion people looks like really, but one in eight might be easier. One in eight people in our world don’t have access to the most basic of human needs. Something we can’t imagine going 12 hours without.
Here, we’d like to introduce you to a few of those billion people. They are very real, and they need our help. They didn’t choose to be born into a village where the only source of water is a polluted swamp. And I didn’t choose to be born in a country where even the homeless have access to clean water and a toilet.
I invite you to put yourself in their shoes. Follow them on their daily journey. Carry 80 pounds of water in yellow fuel cans. Dig with their children in sand for water. Line up at a well and wait 8 hours for a turn.
Now, make a decision to help. We’re not offering grand solutions and billion dollar schemes, but instead, simple things that work. Things like freshwater wells, rainwater catchments and sand filters. For about $20 a person, we know how to help millions of people.

Start by helping one. "

They work with many other organizations that work in other countries and donate 100% of the donations to their work with building wells or providing yellow jugs like pictured above. They have proof of all the locations of where wells are or the yellow jugs are too! From Google Maps you can view every spot where their works are at. Its pretty incredible.

I decided after viewing their site to donate water by purchasing The Little Black Box as a wedding gift for a friend who recently got married on the Beach. I thought it was fitting that they got water since they were not only married by the water, but are now honeymooning by the water in Maui. And spending just over $32 (tax & shipping) for a wedding gift that literally keeps on giving is pretty snazzy. I don't know if they'll think the same thing, but hey! I got them something right?! ;)

So if the water links I listed below didn't motivate you enough check out Charity:Water and imagine giving to someone for 20 years for $20. A dollar a year people! I think you can handle that much. Now go donate.

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