Tuesday, March 9, 2010

P&G & Pur Water

Ok the other day I was flipping thru my newspaper I bought at the store ( don't judge me for buying a paper!) and came across the P&G Brand Saver coupons.

The front of the paper said that when you use one of their coupons it equals 2L or One Day of Clean Water for developing countries. The coupons range from items from P&G ( Proctor & Gamble) as Oil of Olay, Head & Shoulders, Swiffers, Pringles, Tide, Febreeze, Old Spice, Secret, Cascade, Dawn, Bounce (are you sensing a theme here??), Iams, Luvs, Always, Tampax and Oral B. And the list keeps going. I hope you saw the interesting theme of items that P&G sells on a daily basis. Mainly items that are not good not only for the environment, but also not good for you. Most of the items P&G sells have chemicals like Sodium laureth sulfate and acetone which ironically enough can harm our own drinking water, but are chemicals most families never think twice about.
I'm torn about this issue and offer P&G is offering. On one hand P&G and Pur are correct, there are over 4000 children who die DAILY due to poor drinking water. That just makes me sick and I don't know how those of us can sleep at night knowing that children can't even find clean drinking water and can die from such simple things like Diarrhea. And the packet they offer to developing countries is extremely easy to use and cleans the water of 99.99999% of bacteria.
What could be easier??
And being able to provide a child with a DAY's worth of drinking water is a good thing. We in the US waste more water in our showers then some kids get in a day anyway. Humbling.
But on the other hand, I can't purchase any of those items and put them into my home knowing they will pollute the inside of my house worse then outside. And lets not forget about all the packaging most of these products are packaged with.
It seems so easy doesn't it? Just use a coupon, you save and you help save a child. Brilliant marketing wise -- prey on the feelings of those of us with children.
I think instead I'll consider BUYING the packet from Pur directly rather then giving into buying the items associated with P&G. What do you think? They state that only $30, ONLY $30 PEOPLE can provide clean drinking water for a YEAR! A YEAR!!! I pay more for my own water bill and I waste water in ways I don't even want to talk about. To donate, click on the link below and at the bottom right hand side there is a link for Donate Now.
Don't bother supporting P&G's products -- go right to source and donate. Save yourself from polluting chemicals and products, but Save a child.
For more information about the Children's Save Drinking Water Fund go to http://www.csdw.org/csdw/home.shtml


robinsan said...

Compelling - ya got me! I pray that a family will truly have clean water for a year with the easy $30 I donated. Thanks for posting the link!

Karen said...

charity:water has a donation idea where for $20 or maybe $22 you can provide clean water to one person for 20 years. Simple to get your head around, and a lasting impact.

Marcie Kahler-Davis said...

OHHH even better!
thanks Karen!!