Monday, June 28, 2010

Shaving Stuff

Ok as a lady I'm supposed to shave my legs, but I'll be honest I hate to do it because I usually cut my leg up so bad that it bleeds for days.
And I don't live where I need to wear shorts all the time and here in the great state of Washington I'm so white I blind people if I do.

But when I do shave I don't use conventional shaving creams/gels/foams/etc.
Nor do I use some fancy eco-happy shaving cream.

Instead I use plain old conditioner (which usually is eco-happy conditioner).
Yep I just rub it on my legs when I get in the shower to soften the hair a bit which means I don't have to get the water super hot to soften the said leg hair.

Then depending on if I need to reapply a little bit more conditioner I shave away.

Trust me on this it works!
Besides its cheaper to use conditioner, you don't need to use some gel that is in a can that you can't recycle, you probably have conditioner laying around anyway and your legs will be conditioned! Its like in the shower lotion. Less need to use lotion when you get out.

Try this one!
I promise you'll like it. Unless you are super allergic to certain creams -- then I promise you nothing.

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Cassie said...

Great post. I found that lotion on the legs the night before works well too!