Saturday, January 8, 2011

Instead of OUT with the old - its recycle the Old!

The hubby and I are really trying to recycle a lot of the "old" things that we either have in our house or items we think we can repurpose and resell.
For example, we have a treadmill that one day decided it wasn't going to work anymore. After some Google Research we finally determined the issue.
Come to find out its less then $120 to replace the part. which is much cheaper then buying a new treadmill and then having no where to put the "non-working" treadmill. Which does work it just needed a new part.

I find it interesting that here in the US instead of trying to fix something that might just need a new part we just replace it all together.
Yes in some cases it is more cost effective to just get a new one then fixing the old one. Sadly this is very true when it comes to electronics - especially TV's.
At least we can recycle our electronics here in WA at the Goodwill!

When it comes to cars we don't think to just buy a new one when a part goes out - we fix it. It could be because cars costs significantly more then something like a treadmill, but its the mindset around it.
Why would we rather have new?
well I guess it just goes along with our consumerism of needing newer BETTER!
When its really sad that we fill up our landfills with stuff that is probably perfectly useful.
I'll admit to wondering if I could sit by the dump entrance asking people to stop so I can see if there is anything worth saving BEFORE they dump it.
Obviously that is not going to happen! But its a thought.

Today hubby and I hit up an estate sale where they were pretty much offering everything for cheap. We found a belt sander (that we did need for projects) for only $2.50, a table saw for $12 with multiple attachments & blades, a little corner couch and a gutted out TV unit.
The TV case I'm most excited about. it still has the glass on the front and "looks" like a TV still from the front, but its missing the tube inside it.
I plan on turning it into some sort of dog or cat house.
And the couch and the TV unit were FREE.
Otherwise they would have ended up at the dump.

Now I'm going to profit off of that item! And the best part is keeping stuff OUT of the landfill. Makes me feel like I truly AM living Purposefully.

I'm taking a new "look" at how I see items that can be tossed. Now I see dollar signs instead!
Happy Day People!

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