Sunday, June 28, 2009

Confession Time

"Forgive me Green living for I have not been very motivated lately."
Now I'm not Catholic, but I feel the need to confess to you all that I haven't exactly been motivated lately oh about well anything and that includes my Green Living.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not driving a Hummer or eating out of Styrofoam boxes every meal, I'm still doing my usual stuff, but as for going above and beyond and for lack of a better term "Be the change" I'm not doing that currently.
I recently had a comment posted on this post about how my recycling efforts are going at my church and in my City. To be completely frank, it has gone no where because I haven't done jack diddly squat about it and I feel kind of guilty and surprised all at the same time.
For one I am surprised people actually read my blog or even find it. I forget that in the age of Google the power is just at your fingertips, but I truly am always surprised when I get comments from people who don't know me personally. Its pretty awesome and well, makes me take notice more about what I might say on this blog.
The question was if I had implemented any sort of recycling program first at my church and at the Farmers Market. That would be a big fat no, BUT the question made me realize I needed to get off my duff and DO something--ANYTHING-- about that. So tonight after I read that comment I immediately went to the City's website and the Markets website. I have to start in some way and I know email is pretty simple and HELLO I could/should have done that quite awhile ago. To be honest when I volunteer at our church's booth AT the Market I feel a little guilty I hadn't done anything (mostly because our booth is RIGHT next to a trash can that is emptied about 2-3 times in the time the Market is open).
As for the Church question I haven't done anything, but I need to just do it and tell Pastor I'm doing it. He's pretty easy going and I think if I showed up with some blue recycling bins one Sunday and said, "Use these and I'll empty them" he'd be ok with that. Might even let me say something on the mic about it. I could even go so far as to buy compostable cups/lids for the coffee they serve on Sundays. Might be pushing my budget, but hey gotta do something and it should last us awhile.
But as a whole just having someone comment on my blog that is for one thing, Local and interested really got me to thinking that I should be doing more that is outside my home. I need to literally listen to my readers and be the example. As much as i don't want to be an example, if I say something I need to at least have something to show for right? Sure I might have to get out of my comfort zone, but if it inspires someone else to do it then that's great. The ripple effect right?!
So to you FCC Chapel, thank you. Thank you for reminding me to wake up and not be so stagnant in my "green lifestyle." Just like I wouldn't want to be stagnant in my walk with Christ, I need to be the same in this as well. I already am thinking of what I can do to stop being so lukewarm and start being more on fire about this! Feel free to contact me if you would like more of a personal suggestion to your question. I screen all my comments before they are published and feel free to leave a comment with your email address and I won't publish it.
Blessings to you all! Anyone else want to pony up and confess anything? The confessional booth is open!

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Rachel Ann said...

I think you are doing a GREAT job!

What kind of booth does your church (so, yes it feels kind of funny to say "your church" and not have it be my church too!) run at the market? Are you working down their this coming Sat the 4th? I'm coming in late Friday and might be able to swing by the market before we head to the beach on Sat!