Sunday, January 4, 2009


So now that we are in 2009 I thought I would share some of my fave green changes or habits I learned or enjoyed over the course of this year!

I have really been enjoying making my own Pizza and Ice Cream. Although yes I use machines, its a far cry from all the junk I used to eat. Now the packaged stuff just doesn't taste the same as homemade! I'm looking forward to making my pizza now with my own tomato sauce!

Using my dryer less and my clothes line more has really made a difference not only in my clothes, but also in my electric bill! Here's to using the line more this summer!

Having a garden has certainly changed my outlook on my food. I honestly can't wait to grow more items and actually EAT my own food more this spring & summer. Although my garden this year was more of a trial run and it was pretty pathetic looking, but as time went on it certainly changed! I do plan on adding another bed so my tomatoes don't overwhelm all my other plants.

Banning the cable has been interesting but also so peaceful. Being on vacation this weekend with Cable seriously stressed me out, but shockingly the child who swears its been a year since I said no more cable opted to not watch TV all that much and could hardly sit thru one 1/2 show. We ended up watching movies we brought with us! See having no cable does work wonders!

Learning to ride my bike more and more has been interesting as well. I've learned that taking the time to ride by bike to the store really helps me be in shape as well as helping me determine if I truly need whatever it is at the store! More on riding the bike once it stops snowing around here! I know I know, if I was a true bike rider I could do it in the snow. Beginner here people!

Those are my faves from 2008! Here's to more fun in '09!

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