Saturday, July 25, 2009


I will be on vacation for awhile so I just wanted to give you some older readings and give you time to read thru some of my old stuff. *Warning* My writings from the past were pretty lame at times. I wasn't used to writing informational stuff!

But here are some links to the most searched posts according to my StatCounter and ones that had the most comments on.

Enjoy and I'll see you all in about a week!

Laundry Soap Review

Environmental Scripture References

Toms Shoes


Nature Baby Care Diapers

Riding My Bike to Work

Walking outside Vs. My Treadmill

Baking Soda Tips

Top 10 Green Myths

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The Young Family said...

Congrats on the news tribune! That is awesome! Sorry I have been missing in action recently. Have a great vacation and I will "talk" at you soon.